Contemporary Art Deco style home

Art Deco is an aesthetic that first appeared in France. It only took a short time before World War I. In being widely known to the world quickly. Decorative art in this way is a combination of the best ideas. And the use of decorative materials that are hard to find, expensive and have a modern style. It is style began to flourish and become more popular since World War 2, in which today. It’s very difficult to see.

Anna Smardz of the Marmur Studio

Today we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience a stunning Art Deco style home decoration that cannot be easily found anywhere else. This time by Anna Smardz of the Marmur Studio  located in Wroclaw, Poland. The hall measures 55 sq m. And decorated with Polish Art Deco furniture, it gives a feeling of radiance and luxury under this simplicity. You will see the uniqueness that is hidden.

The Polish people have embrace the Art Deco style since the Second World War and have long admired and favor decorating their homes with this style. Later, it was brought in more contemporary but still unique with original Polish art deco furniture. The wall surrounding the entrance door is a simple white bookshelf that fills the space. Stylish and useful, too.

The double doors open onto the balcony outside. Clear glass doors like this will help diffuse natural light from outside into the reading room. Make this room brighter and more airy.

The placement of plants at various points in the house helps a house decorated with white and wood. more lively

Art Deco-style

On one side of the sofa sits a beautiful Polish Art Deco-style walnut cabinet. And on the other side is a desk made of shiny dark walnut wood. It is style as well Decorated with antique furniture combined with modern decor. Help create a unique home decoration style. It stands out and is different from the general house, and also makes the atmosphere inside the house look warm and have a story as well.