Food decoration to look delicious from professional art

Food decoration as everyone has known, the arrangement of each meal’s favorite dishes looks delicious. Moreover, it must have some techniques or have been studied at the food school itself, which can now be found in the luxury restaurants.

Beautiful food pictures Beautiful to look delicious Normal roast beef. But when complemented by beautifully cut vegetables. Arrange to look even more appetizing.

The fruits are not exempt from being carve to look delicious. Everyone had studied in childhood where art sculpting had a weapon. Yes, study But some groups of people do not benefit well by bringing that knowledge to work. That can generate additional income

In which food decoration has artistic elements directly related to food, namely

1.Size and proportion Because these things are important in preparing a pattern so that it fits properly into the container, if too much food is too much, the scoop may become uncomfortable.

2. Harmony The arrangement of food is also an important part of any food, such as fried foods should be filled with water-based dishes. Even fruits should be put in a basket. But if focusing on the various food sectors Then put in the container that is in harmony with that region It will make it look more appetizing.

3. Unity is the decoration of the dining table for a delicate and neat look like eating a steak. If we put chopsticks into it, it will be difficult to eat and look bad, that should be used. Steak knife and fork itself.

4. Color The color of the food is very interesting because if the focus is on the same tone. May make it look plain We should focus on assorted colors, but not too much, because they will look messy and unappealing,
all of which is the artistic decoration of art food, which you should be able to use in your daily life without going. To the restaurant