Wat Rong Khun was built in 1997 by Master Chalermchai Kositpipat, Thailand‘s leading painter. Which was inspired by the creation of 3 What follows is

  • Nation: With the love of the country, the love of art, therefore hopes to create great art as the property of the land
  • Religion: Dharma has changed Ajarn Chalermchai’s life from hot to cold Therefore devote himself to Buddhism.
  • King: from the audience Dedicated to His Majesty many times Causing Ajarn Chalermchai to love him very much From seeing the priest of His Majesty the arts and His mercy Until he was deeply move and grateful for His Majesty the King

Therefore, the teacher created a Buddhist art dedicated to the art of His Majesty the King. With the desire to build a temple like a paradise that human beings can feel On the original area of ​​the temple 3 rai and Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat has donated personal property and Khun Wanchai Wichayachakorn is the donor of approximately 7 rai of land including donations of other devotees. Until now, it has a total area of ​​approximately 12 rai and has the current Abbot Kittipong Kalayano, acting abbot.

Distinctive features of the temple

Is the temple hall decorate with white floor Adorn with sparkling mirrors, exquisite and unusual on stucco. It is a Thai pattern Especially the image of the Buddha behind the Buddha image, which is a very large and beautiful picture. Above the chapel decorated with fairytale animals It is a semi-elephant half-bird with a trunk holding a trunk. Looks gorgeous, unusual, very interesting. The mural inside the Ubosot is the master’s own painting.

The meaning of the temple

The white color of the church represents the innocence of the Buddha. White glass means The Wisdom of the Buddha that shines through the human world and the universe.

A bridge means walking across a cycle towards the Buddhist landscape.

Sotataksakitakami, Anakami and Arahants It is a monk who we should pay homage to.

Triangle represents space. (Liberation) and then will cross the threshold into the Buddha landscape. The interior consists of paintings in gold tone, all 4 walls, ceiling and floor are all paintings that represent the liberation from the giles. Heading into the world of dharma

The top of the church roof Has brought three important principles of spiritual practice: precepts, meditation, and wisdom to lead to emptiness. (Liberation)

To 5 precepts, 8 precepts, 10 precepts, 227 items and 84,4000 Phra Dhammakhan

The second level of Chofa (upper) refers to the meditation represented by two animals: the serpent and the swan. The dragon means evil in the human body. Swan means goodness. Concentrate Having consciousness determining wisdom

Chofa level 3 (highest) means wisdom, represented by the Pak Garuda swan. Crouching, still, calm, without any desire Towards the end of the inner lust

Behind the tail Chao Fa, the third floor has 7 patterns, meaning 7 patterns, 8 pieces, supporting the tier, meaning the 8-tiered path, meaning Nirvana, the pattern on the eaves on the side of the roof, the top floor is represented by 10 pillars, 4 corners on the sides of the church are Tung (flag) is hard to offer as a Buddhist worship to the Lord Buddha according to Lanna motto.