How many types of “arts” are there?

Arts has been around for a long time since prehistoric times. People can live not only by being born to work, but also in need of pleasures as well, which art is a great contribution to human life at any age. This gives us human beings a complex, beautiful, systematic mindset and a command brain that can divide things step by step. 

You can choose what you like and don’t like. Beautiful and unattractive of each person is different. But the word art does not have to be a pattern because it is something. That is create from imagination and abstract thinking, not concrete but can be touch and tangled from the mind and mind. Where each person’s access to art is different Maybe with taste Personal preference. That attitude and perspective are different. In which the classification of art is divided into all 2 major categories as follows.

1. Fine Arts

Fine Arts is art that is delicacy, beautiful, dazzling beyond description and indescribable. And you can not be use to create benefits Which if some pieces are actually usable, but they are not fully functional or have very little. It is a work that is unique in detail and unique. Most of the creators of this type of art are national artists or people. Who are very famous in creating works of art that are unique and unlike any other person in the world. Most of which this type of art is stored and displayed at various museums. All over the world for people to visit, study and understand more of this type of art.

2. Applied Arts

Applied Arts is an art that is applied and applied to things around us in order to make the most of use, including creating beautiful works of art in order to have a great balance up. Which is an applied art that is everywhere along the road Building Many architectural works both in Thailand and abroad. Including interior design work at various locations Or even in our home that are all mixed with this kind of art. Or even a brand or general product design that is available in the market, it is consider an application of art to be involve in the use of all.

Which can be seen that the two arts are not much different But it depends on how practical it is and how much it will benefit people. Which is no matter what kind of art, if someone you know uses it for educational purposes or for use. Would have a beneficial effect on those who benefit from that work of art at all