Loft Decorate your loft house to be captivating

Many people may be familiar with the raw, cool, loft style. Bare cement, brick walls, beams and steel work, all of which are hard-wearing materials. Today, forfur brings some ideas to decorate your loft-style house to be captivating for you.

The highlight of the loft style house is The design emphasizes a simple, airy structure, clearly revealing the textures of other materials and structures such as columns, beams, floors, walls and wiring. Which is free of covering materials and any beauty to decorate, so the loft style house has a touch of raw material truth than other styles of home decoration. The atmosphere inside the house may seem lifeless and lack some color.

Plant pots

Plant pots can help. You can decorate your home in this style to make it look warmer and have a more special atmosphere. By bringing furniture materials of leather, wood or using natural elements to add. By planting ornamental plants with beautiful leaves Ready to be placed in various corners of the house. May choose a plant pot with a unique and unusual design. It helps to make your loft style home more beautiful and balanced.

Decorate the loft wall to be lovely

Decorate the loft wall to be lovely Loft style house decorated with brick walls. may make the house cool and stylish but may lack vitality We recommend trying to decorate the walls by installing steel shelves. by bringing a small potted plant or decorations to decorate on the shelf From the corner, the hard brick wall looks incredibly bright and alive. 

Loft house beams are also cute

Loft house beams are also cute. Because a loft style house is a house that has been converted from an old factory or warehouse. Therefore, this style of house has a distinctive structure in the beams. It may be in the form of concrete beams, steel beams or wooden beams, which you can decorate the area in this area beautifully. but still able to maintain the identity of a loft by bringing dried flowers to hang around the beams of the house with beautiful details of flowers Therefore, it can reduce the hardness of the house beams as well.

create an airy atmosphere increase eye comfort It is well known that Interior decoration using color schemes space design including the selection of materials All of them play an important role in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the house. But what helps make a loft style house look more livable is Paying attention to the placement of light channels and the design of the structural plan to be transparent This can be done by designing a house with high ceilings. make a clear glass wall and add light channels at different angles of the house to reduce the occurrence of a dark corner to a minimum