“Sainte Chapelle Church”, amazing and the classic

Sainte Chapelle Church

That is located in the palace district. On an island in the middle of the Seine Île de la Cité, near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, is an old Roman Catholic church. It is a major monument of France. It was built as a storage facility for the Relic of Saint-Chapelle, a tool used to torture Jesus. 

By Louis the 9th was the beginning to collect and find 30 pieces of the crown of thorns Jesus. In addition, His Highness sought additional purchases elsewhere for 130,000 Louvre Tunois. It is worth coming to court And more than the budget for building this church After its completion in 1241, the French revolution took place. Thus causing many of the relics that were kept to be lost Only the Relix of Saint-Chapelle left.

The Church of Saint-Jean-Paul has the most beautiful Rayonnant style of architecture in the Gothic period. Which the uniqueness of here, in addition to the beauty from the outside More inner beauty From the mirror pattern that reflects the light that is amazing and the classic that is hard to see.

Exterior of the saints church Chapelle (Saint chapelle) has a cape-style architecture. It looks quite simple like a typical church. The interior of the church is designed with glass architecture with distinctive patterns and colors. Above is the later decorated rose window. Including art, paintings, statues Which mentions Jesus and the origins of Relix. Which is the intention of King Louis ufabet the 9th to focus on With great storage

Saint Chapelle is considered a monument to France. It has architecture in the Gothic period It is a beautiful and amazing glass pattern. Decorated with striking colors The atmosphere is very calm. Even though the place is not very wide It is a rare piece of art.