The benefits of having art in the heart

Art in the heart. In western countries, art addiction is very popular as it expresses the skill and imagination of artists who regard works of art as the intellectual property of the individual that cannot be copied. Many independent artists can be found on the streets of the city. Displaying their work and offering them to passers-by. As part of a visit to a museum or gallery, one can experience some of the most famous works.

And the artist’s craftsmanship is guarantee to a certain extent. World-class artists who create valuable works of art such as Da Vinci Picasso or Thai artists such as Thawan Duchanee and Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat have elevated the value of Art in the heart that cannot be valued in money. Well, art never hurt anyone. And no one can destroy art as well. We find that the benefits of addicted to art inevitably lead to a completely different attitude, perspective, and perspective when experiencing the essence of the work.

1. Art makes it possible to convey emotions from the depths of the heart

Conveying emotions through paintings, sculptures, paintings, or patterns, however, is an expression of the emotions and thoughts of the moment. Being able to create art or enjoy the works of artists at the museum is relaxing, reducing anxiety and gaining more knowledge at the same time. There is no wrong or right art work. There is only satisfaction between the creator and the creative eater. However, art is profoundly detail and hides the meaning of communication.

 Emotions, attitudes, perspectives. Which cannot be express in words or written directly to the audience. The interpretation of art is therefore a charm in which individuals can use their own knowledge, experience, observation, and imagination to interpret differently. Therefore, art has no fixed answer without the boundaries of the imagination of the visitor.

In general, art is a delicate and beautiful piece that is suitable for those who want to see the work through the eyes and convey a profound feeling. On the other hand, some art works as a weapon of political struggle. It may irritate the parents’ eyes when they see critical art. It can be said that the past political battles between rulers and subordinates were not just wars. 

Whenever a subordinate is oppressed and limit in their expressions through words or letters. It is necessary to use a means of expression in combat through works of art in order to heal one’s feelings or to spread the idea of ​​fighting. Reflecting problems in society such as caricatures, abbreviations, symbols, etc., it can be considered as creative works of art which is more than an artist. Because access to art is not limit by class, occupation, age, religion, skin color, and ability, everyone has the right to experience art or be an innovator of art for themselves.

2. Art makes the country a civilized country

In any country, parents are the patrons of well-trained artists to create works of art freely in order to convey the indigenous culture. Point out the identity of society would bring prosperity to the country Because decorating the townhouse by combining art to convey the way of life of the indigenous people is what encourages foreign tourists to visit and learn more about the way of life of the indigenous people. As a result, there is an economic, social, and income-driven population. Spread the reputation of the country around the world. 

For example, Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai Province invites a large number of tourists to visit each year in western countries especially. France Renowned for being one of the world’s top arts, the capital city of Paris is as beautiful as a seashell curled into the heart of the city. Traditional building architecture Artful food decorations, etc., are all born from the creation of art. Think outside the box of all traditional societies. Dare to initiate. Invent something new, bring something better, and apply what is available to your advantage.

3. Art makes you go back in time

If you want to go back in time to the past of society to know the origins of the present and determine the goals for the future. Art is one of the best ways to point the path in each era. Architectural design of temples, churches, cathedrals or parts of antiques. All of them are valuable historical evidence. Based on art, able to perceive where the kingdom, society, community has been influenced. How much the prosperity of the country has grown How much territory has been expanded through religious propagation? A piece of art is therefore a tool to point out the light in order to find the answer.

In the past, it was notice. That when the house grew prosperous to the extreme, the ruling class was always interest in entertainment. Very artistic expression For example, opera, pantomime, stage play, painting, manorah, etc. Those activities indicate parental relaxation. People have a good life. no war conflict. Therefore, works of art are constantly being born in the time of civilization.

Finally, art in the heart is not just for entertainment. to hide historical values, create artists, preserve the identity of the country to remain. Therefore, we should be addicted to the beauty of art through our eyes as well as studying its history. The artist’s intentions to reach the spirit of art as well. Don’t forget that artists create art. city ​​building art The city lord must maintain both artists and art. civilization The country’s civilization has returned.