Turn the old living room into a Modern Pop Art style

Do you know that? home decoration It helps to make our home or residence look stylish and livable if we know how to decorate the atmosphere in the room with a theme. especially the furniture that is an indicator of one’s identity Let’s decorate the living room to be colorful. covered with art Let’s make it a relaxing space with Modern Pop Art style that can fit perfectly with the modern lifestyle. There are both classic and modern.

Pop Art  comes from English as “Popular Art”. It is a form of art that reflects the real society of that era. including the feelings and understanding of the common people for a while which is a public culture which is classified as a lower level art with high art as the opposite pole This high art is The works of art that have been regarded as It is a quality red bow piece. Each piece is an original prototype. There is only one like no other

Modern Pop Art style home decorations

1. Wallpaper (Wallpaper style Pop Art )

Wallpaper is another option to decorate your home in pop art style. The atmosphere in the room has an aura of art. Similar to graffiti paint job. This will help change the color of the walls that look ordinary to colorful. The room will look bright and you will want to spend more time at home. and also helps to hide dark spots Or cover the cracked wall as well.

2. Carpet (Carpet style Pop Art)

Rugs, graphic patterns and pop art  colorswill warm the atmosphere in the room. helps to relax Indicates the taste give a soft touch when stepped on or touched It is a home decoration that helps to make the room not too open. and also prevent tripping and falling of the elderly small children as well You can rug a part of the room. There is no need to carpet the entire room.

3. Sofa and Chair (Furniture style Pop Art)

sofa and chair with colorful designs in modern art forms It can meet the needs of people who like furniture with flashy colors as well. because of the pop art style will focus on the color pattern already Nowadays, furniture manufacturers are designing their products to be bright. with the use of warm colors If you like any color, try to use it. Then you will be happy at home.

4. Pop Art style frame (Picture frame)

using art picture frames focusing on stripes and colors It can help your room have a Pop Art style. Art pictures will make the walls of the room look too uneven, too open, but we shouldn’t put too many pictures on the walls as well. If the area is not wide enough because it will make your room look narrow already feel uncomfortable

TIP : If you want to have your own  style pop art  . In a unique way, we recommend Pop Art Lite Application that can create your own Pop Art style photo. which can be downloaded for free at the App Store only for iOS

This is just a furniture example. that can be used to decorate the room in the  style of pop art perfectly Let’s try to apply it to your living room changes. Guarantee who friends or guests are going. must be eye-catching Ask for advice on decorating the room from you, of course. Remember that home is a place where we need a lot of time So if our home is livable we will be happy