What is “applied arts”? Design perspective

Applied arts Words can not come out of this application is the ability to apply things. To the era and took over the real art is art itself out when the two come together. Applied art is the application of art to its practical use. This is completely different from Fine Arts (Fine Arts). Fine art focuses on creating pieces that are limitless. There are no rules. Or related to any use So how do we know what is called Fine Arts The appropriate definition seems to be The design of things that look modern and practical. Such as building design, chairs, interior decoration, clothing, printed matter, etc.

Applied Arts can be classified into 5 categories.

  1. Architecture Many people are most familiar with and visualize it. What is the building, the house, the building, the design of the environment that comes into the mix to create a good environment. Including urban planning
  2. Industrial Design is known as a facility that facilitates daily life. Clothing class Automobile furniture, however, the production depends on the production technology at that time.
  3. Decorative Arts (Decorative Art) called. Decorative arts Like the interior Whether it is home decoration Inside the building etc.
  4. Art Crafts is made by hand. Therefore, it is work that is made to work and gain spiritual value such as molding, weaving, hand-made work, etc.
  5. Commercial art (Commercial Art) , designed to support the trade and services. Such as poster design, figure, booklet, illustration, publicity Typography such as Caligraphy, Calligraphy.

The meaning of the design

As I said in the above that That art is all around us. Therefore, in our life there is no lack of art and design. And the design is linked to every moment of daily life. That art is everywhere. Just let us open our eyes and our hearts to look at the things that surround us. 

Design perspective 

What kind of things can be in our thinking or understanding? Some say it is for beauty Imaginary Or design for use Let’s go a little deeper into what the design means. Indeed, our focus is on design. The design of the work has never been done before. Fresh creative design The fun of creating pieces By bringing in art and design What we focus on in this article is Applied Arts (Applied Arts) works that come out with elements of art into the mix. Both the impact of light and shadow and color that occurs on the surface of that. Usually, we visualize in 2D and 3D in order to better visualize how we can distinguish between 2D and 3D. 

In conclusion, what is applied art?

Finally, fine arts and applied arts are completely different. Including different uses But that doesn’t mean Applied arts will not contain creativity. Conveying ideas, goals that bring value in use Improve the work to be more valuable Wherever art is inseparable from creation and creation That design can change the lives of people. As we could not expect May we be in the beauty of art forever. Because art can stir up our minds quite well