5 Major painter and masterpieces of the world

Elite Holiday  brings you to 5 of the world’s best painters and masterpieces. That creates many works of art that have been recognized by people around the world. And there are unique works that vary according to the style of each artist who is famous. Let people all dream of appreciating world-class work with their own eyes.

1. Leonardo da Vinci 

Da Vinci, the most famous artist of the Renaissance. Born in the village of Vinci, near Florence, Italy, Da Vinci learned art in his own hometown until he was 20 years old and took full advantage of his career as an artist. There are many outstanding works that are unique in art. And the most famous work in the world is the Mona Lisa painting, which took many years to write Da Vinci was the master painter and engineer of the court of France in 1515. Da Vinci left the work. Top-notch before he died. Both works of art and science. And received the nickname Man of the Renaissance

2. Pablo Picasso

Picasso was an influential figure in modern art. Born in Malaga, Spain in 1900, Picasso moved to Paris permanently. Picasso’s work evolves and has creative ideas over time. Covering the tone of the image in various expressions such as Boy with a Pipe paintings to convey bright emotions. Picasso was regarded as the 20th century’s most creative artist before his death. Has deposited more than 13,000 valuable works of art and many other

3. Michael Angelo (Michelangelo)

Michael Angelo Born in Arezzo, Italy, is a painter, sculptor and architect, and is a Renaissance artist equal to Leonardo da Vinci.Michael Angelo grew up and studied in Florence. Until the age of 15, he began to work in sculpture. Michelangelo has also created several other works. There are many great works of carvings, paintings and other important works, and the masterpiece that has made Michael Angelo the sound is the sculpture of David. 

4. Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh is one of the most famous and influential artists. In the history of most western art Born in the Netherlands His work is outstanding and beautiful. Emotions and bright colors Van Gogh was a serious and thoughtful child in various works until the age of 27, turned his attention and started painting in 1886, moved to Paris where he learned techniques and approaches. Paint And have created many great works My most famous work is The Starry Night. Van Gogh has more than 800 paintings, which is a work that conveys emotions well. And the work of Van Gogh was in demand And being sold at a very high price

5. Claude Monet

Monet is a pioneer in the art of Impressionism. Born in Paris He was a prominent painter of France. He grew up and studied art in Le Havre until in 1865 Monet met Camille Doncieux, who became a model for him and later became his first wife. Monet has always painted the picture with his wife, and in 1883 Monet moved to Giverney. And wrote a series of Water Lilies, which was designed from Monet’s backyard Which this picture is most famous Before the sound of life, Monae left the work for people to appreciate with many impressions.