“Arianna Caroli”, world-class female painters.

It ended beautifully and was pleasing to the eye. People addict to art and fashion. For the exhibition “Arianna Caroli: Artist in Residence”, organized by Central Shopping Center and L’OFFICIAL THAILAND Magazine. To celebrate 7 decades of the Central Department Store presents beautiful artworks. And the work of renown Italian artist Arianna Caroli, passionate about the beauty of flowers.

This time she has specially created more than 30 paintings as well as other works. Created from printed fabric and painting to the fans. And art lovers have watch it recently on G floor, Central Embassy. With art enthusiasts from various circles.

Yuwadee Chirathivat, Arianna Caroli and Alisiani

“Arianna Caroli: Artist in Residence” Arianna brings more than 30 works from 2005 to present to be seen closely by creating an artist studio. In order to achieve this success, it took a long time a year. This is because different works are in different places. Some come from the United States or Italy. All of which are spectacularly put on display.

Apart from Arianna creating fresh flower paintings, she has also printed designs from her paintings on fabric. And sewing into a special set, including Tote Bag or cloth bag. And the scarf is a limit product Each edition of 2,000 pieces for sale at the event. With part of the income from the distribution of donations to the Siriraj Foundation Project. In honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Siam Boromrajakumari 60 years for the treatment of underprivilege patients with high cost and high technology.

Ploy Chariyawet

Ploy Chariyawet, a famous artist in Thailand. Who came to see the exhibition reveal that “I love many of Ariana’s works. Such as the one that uses black in the picture that makes the flowers bright. Stand out Including the use of gold. Or using a trowel technique that creates a surface on the image Which Arianna has created impressively Including the introduction of drawings to make fabric patterns that add more interest It brings art to be close in everyday life. Help make the dress more fun. 

And add a challenge to try new colors Applied to the dress Not only. That Seeing this exhibition is like color therapy. Because of the various colors. Affect feelings and emotions, for example, certain colors make the heart pound. Or give us the courage Including creating things. That many people consider impossible in terms of color Like the picture in monotone color It is another way that artists demonstrate the possibility of using color to create interesting works of art. “

Aniwat Na Nakorn, another true fan who has been following Arianna Karoli’s work for a long time, said, “Normally follow Arianna’s work through Instagram. Because I love Arianna’s work and bring flowers to come to life Gives a different mood from the flowers of other artists And the fact that I am a stylist is also involved in art. So it was inspired by Arianna’s art and applied it in his own work as well. “

Arianna Caroli, Italian painter She began painting at the age of 13. Arianna earned a doctorate in ancient literature and archeology from the University of Rome. Once a set designer and set designer for film director James Ivory, Ariana began her painting practice in Rome with Fortunato del Tavano (Fortunato del Tavano). Is a teacher Before going to study art in various art institutions And decided to open a serious art studio in New York until one day Gene Moore (Gene Moore), artistic director of the Tiffany & Co. brand (Tiffany & Co.) chose Ariana. Many pieces to decorate the shop And that made Arianna a full-fledged female painter.

Aniwat Na Nakhon

The outstanding work of this Italian woman painter is The paintings are mostly flowers. There are both real flowers and imaginary flowers. She explained the reason for being a flower image. “Some flowers I remember very clearly in my memory. Some flowers are faintly remembered in your memory if you look at them. You will see nature, color and movement. It’s a beauty that I want to record. Because real flowers bloom for a moment and then wither But the flowers in the picture can live for hundreds and thousands of years “