“Kru Sai”, an art therapist who created color in the dark. “Can blind people really draw and paint?” A lot of times a normal eye asks this question to the blind. By using the ability that he can do But if one day we try to close our eyes I can’t see anything. We will still think “Do we have that ability?” Of course, the answer is “Yes.” We can still draw pictures even though our eyes cannot see 

That’s because we “believe”, believe we can. It is believed that the rest of our organs can still do various things. Even if your eyes can’t see But we still have both hands, ideas and “imagination” that allows us to design our work ourselves.

Today we have come to talk to “Kru Sai-Pornpailin Tancharoen” Teacher who is an art process designer and art therapy In anthroposophy 

That brings the knowledge of the arts together with the basic mind of each human being To be inspired And imagine that each person can create it independently 

No matter who you are and today. She applied that science to “blind children” at the Bangkok Blind School. 

With the belief that “They can do it”

Teacher sandy girl simple But hidden with determination 

Described the beginning of being a teacher at this school 

That after graduating in art therapy courses from Germany 

She came to work as an art therapist at a psychiatric hospital. 

But one day she asked herself, “Why do we have to wait to get sick first? Then come to use art in healing or therapy 

Why can’t everyone have access to it without being sick? ” 

So she chose the people that she wanted to use in art therapy. 

And she chose blind children at this school By asking to teach And redesign the art classroom here

“This school is like a normal school. 

But there is a dedicated teaching and curriculum for the visually impaired. 

So we chose to teach art because we have this knowledge. We therefore ask to come and teach 

And come to improve the classroom to make it the most convenient for students. “

Teacher Sai then uses her knowledge of architecture that she learned in her bachelor’s degree. 

Came to redesign this art classroom 

Regardless of the board for the student’s work they can perceive what surface this is. 

To the study table Shelves that will not cause harm to students. 

By receiving cooperation from volunteers willing to help until successful success

“When we first saw the classroom, we were quite shocked. Because it is quite old and unsafe,
such as children, here they will test where is the wall. Or is it a window
By throwing things into If something hits the wall, it means it’s safe.
But if things are missing at all Meaning that there must be a window Children will not walk.
Maybe if what they throw is a glass It will be very dangerous So we had to design and consider this the most “

And after finishing the classroom 


Sandi also started teaching art by using “color” to blind children. 

With the cooperation of scent experts, they have created 5 special colors: yellow, red, blue, white and black, using “scent” as the color classifier.

“Smell” is a fundamental sense of every human being carried.

But the sense of smell is more efficient. When we try to close the door, three touch something. 

For example, the sight and smell of these will result in a visualization of thought. 

Which may be thinking of a picture of a memory Pictures of familiar nature 

Or an imaginary image, depending on the person can imagine


Teaching in here Therefore experiment with children to smell Without saying what color it is 

And let them smear different colors onto the paper as they imagine 

Some say the blue reminds him of the smell of water. Detergent smell The smell of my father’s perfume 

Or yellow reminded him of the brightness The aroma of the powder Or brilliance, etc. 

So the image comes out You won’t be able to judge it by your eyes. 

Because it is the truth from the thoughts that those blind eyes convey

“Before, someone asked us Why did we let the blind children paint? 

Since people who see these images are good eyes You can’t even see. 

So we figured out how to make them feel like Invisible drawing is really an art. So we came up with the word “Buddy”.


“Buddy” is a volunteer, either blind or well-blinded. Buddy will have to close their eyes and paint with the blind boy.

When the cloth had come to cover our eyes Now we are equal We cut off our sense of sight. 

We are excited, we are afraid, we are worried, but what makes us nervous are 

The person next to us He is just like us. And more than that, it turns out 

The blind sister that we help out when we can see Must come back and help us now.

So any prejudice or skepticism will immediately be reduced. When we do not feel that anyone is inferior or superior, but we feel that we are equal.

In addition to painting Sand teacher also teaches children to learn about molding. 

Where every child gets the dough For molding 1 child per person 

Children will need to make a circle as round as possible. And forward it to friends around the circle 

When a friend receives it, he must shape it up. In this way, Teacher Sai said 

Children will learn to touch. And helping each other So that the dough is as round and soft as possible

 They then work on creating imaginary figures and painting them to make them beautiful, which is a “skill that they can design by themselves.”

The artwork of the blind brother that everyone can see right now The verdict in many of us is the words “beautiful” and “not beautiful”,
but meeting with Master Sai this time It made one sense that
All good people We can recognize and judge beauty. Because we use our eyes to look

But the work of these children, the word “beautiful”, it has never been established.
And it cannot be judged by this word Because every piece of work is “Truth from the imagination of life”

I want everyone to try to close their eyes. And open your heart to life once
And you will see more colors than human beings
But it is a color that you can design by your own mind and imagination.
With reduced prejudices and felt that everyone was “equal” in their own way