Biography of Richard Wagner who revolutionized Western music

Richard Wagner was born into a German family. He live in Leipzig Baptized at St Thomas Church. He was the ninth child of Carl Friedrich Wagner, a clerk in the Leipzig police department. and his wife Johanna Rosine, the daughter of baker Carl Wagner, died of typhus six months after Richchart was born. The mother had to live with Karl’s friend. Actor and playwright Ludwig Geyer ufabet.

In August 1814, Johanna and Geyer were married. Although the registration documents of both were not found. In a church in Leipzig. She and her family move into Geyer’s home in Dresden. Wagner was known as Wilhelm Richard Geyer until he was fourteen. He almost thought Geyer was his biological father, too, with Geyer’s passion for drama not stopping at himself. Because it was also pass on to his stepson.

In late 1820 Wagner was admit to Pastor Wetzel’s. The boarding school of Dresdner Kreuzchor, all expenses paid to his brother Geyer in 1831. Wagner continued his studies at the University of Leipzig. where he became a member of the Saxon Students’ Association. A year later, Wagner created Symphony in C major. He then began to produce operas in Die Hochzeit, which he never had the opportunity to. finish

Richard Wagner The most famous works in the world

In 1836 Wagner married singer Minna Planer, and the couple moved to Konigsberg, where Wagner took the position of music director at the Magdeburg Theater. It was this year that he created Das Liebesverbot. For which he wrote both the lyrics and the melody himself. In 1842, Wagner’s Rienzi, a political opera house. premiered in Dresden, a
year later The Flying Dutchman was born. along with receiving the admiration from many people In 1848, while preparing for a production of Lohengrin in Dresden, a revolution broke out in Saxony. making Wagner a political leader Having flee to Zurich for 11 years, Wagner died of a heart attack on February 13, 1883 at the age of 69 while on vacation in Venice.