History of Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat

Chalermchai Kositpipat (born February 15, 1955), Thai painter, has many works of Thai painting.

Have had works such as Thai paintings in the Ubosot, Buddhist Temple 
, London, England, writing an illustration of the royal writing of Phra Mahachanok.

And works of art at Wat Rong Khun, which includes architecture, stucco sculptures and Thai painting


He is one of the most skilled painters in Thailand. Are the villagers of Rong Khun village Chiang Rai

Born on February 15, 1955, was the third child of Mr. Hua Chew Saikow
(later changed his name to Mr. Paisan) and Mrs. Pornsri Yoosuk.

Life as a child But have a passion for drawing 
Therefore tried to enter a class at cultivating technicians And Silpakorn University Ever received a gold medal from a national competition.

During the 4th year,   there were many works of paintings on the walls of Thai temples. Current work He intends to build Wat Rong Khun

Which is your hometown With modern art

Work flow Chalermchai Kositpipat

The exhibition of Chalermchai Kositpipat exhibits a single performance. And exhibiting works in various important exhibitions Both at home and abroad

since 2520 to date

  • Founded in 2523 as chairman of the group, “D’Thailand 23” to counter the influence of art from Europe, America
  • 2527 began the murals at Wat Buddha lamp. London, England and traveled to paint a mural of the Buddha Pateep temple. Without charge
  • B.E.2539 Start design and construction of the temple at Rong Khun Temple, Chiang Rai Province. His hometown offering a Buddha offering up to the present

Awards and Honors

  • 1977 – 1st Prize, Gold Medal from the 3rd Bualuang Painting Competition
  • 1977 – 3rd Honors Award from the 25th National Art Competition
  • 1979 – 2nd prize, silver medal from Bangkok Bank’s 4th Bualuang Painting Competition
  • 1993 – Received the honorary character who promotes cultural work in painting from the Office of the Cultural Commission of Thailand. Nation
  •  B.E. 1994 – Received a plaque of honor “Petch Siam” (Painting Branch) from Chandrakasem Rajabhat Institute
  • 1995 – received His Majesty the King. From His Majesty To write an illustration Chapter royal writing “Phra Mahachanok” 
  • and the design of the Royal Medal of the Faculty of Medicine
  • Year 2000 – Advisor to the Fine Arts Department Mural painting of Buddha Rattanasathan in the Grand Palace
  • 1980 – Sri Lankan Contemporary Artist Group Together with the Thai embassy in Colombo to study Buddhism for 6 months and a scholarship to exhibit works
  • 2524 – Scholarships from Johannesburg. Sultztasmar To reside and show work in Germany for 6 months – Invited by the British Council. To see art 
  • And meet the artist with the name of England
  • 2526 – a scholarship from the German cultural ambassador. To study Buddhist art in Burma
  • 1984 – Fund from the Buddhist Temple Foundation in London and the Thai government to paint a mural of the Buddha Pathip temple in London
  • BE 2532 – Fund from German consulate in San Francisco Show work in the United States
  • 1996 – Funded by the Thai Consulate in LA Together with the Thai Art Council in the United States to travel to exhibit works On the occasion of the opening of the Thai consulate