“How to Become an Artist?” How to start?

Artist, it’s easier to learn how to draw than you think. All you need are a few basic equipment: Imagination and patience along with this step-by-step guide will help you get started with drawing with easy lessons and tips on choosing the right materials for your introductory art class. All you need is a pencil and paper. Pencils and blank A4 paper will be fine to begin with. Although you will not need to purchase additional art supplies. But there are a few that are worth the investment if you want to keep drawing.

How to Become an Artist, Pencil line weight ranges from 9B (very soft) to 9H (very heavy) depending on the brand. The hard graphite core / filling will make the lines you draw well. Most beginners tend to just use 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B. Next is an eraser, you should choose a flexible eraser like plasticine. Makes you erase things cleaner, plastic eraser can create sharp cutting lines. And can erase smooth lines Recommend to buy each one. Next up, a plastic blade type pencil sharpener works best.

Artist, what is indispensable is paper. At the outset, it is recommended to use cheap newspaper. There are multiple site sizes to choose from.The right size for beginners is that the 9 x 12 inch sheets are compact, while the 18 x 24 inch sheets will give you more space. Now you have all the basic equipment. Next is to start drawing from drawing lines. Styles and depths like drafting Choose a simple shape like the shape of the fruit. Do not worry that it will come out unrealistic. You’ll need to spend some time shaping it little by little. Later, it was a model without looking. Use your brain and your mind to draw gradually and practice drawing like this will make you more focused than the gaze of the front.

Not many artist were born to draw gods by themselves without practicing drawing often, even Leonardo. Da Vinci too. Carrying a drawing book is another idea that will improve your drawing skills faster. Can draw pictures anywhere Whenever you want You can buy a drawing book at any art supply store. Available in different sizes However, it is recommended to use a small size that is suitable for carrying in your bag and easy to carry around. But don’t forget that there must be room for your hands to place in when drawing. Don’t be too small If you practice drawing often, you will soon be good at it. There is no one who is good without training. Although people who have studied for a long time, they can also forget about it.