“Lalal”, an Thai artist who has won awards

“Lalal”, a talented young artist who has won awards and showcases art around the world. With the first time of the brand ” Duairak “, weaving and weaving beautiful decorative carpets.

The trend of home decoration with carpets is hot. In particular, the use of rugs as part of the home furnishings. It’s more than just wiping your feet. or pave the walkway But can also be woven into clothing, bags, decorative glass wall or even shoes with love openness lightning or Manik Manik. A young designer who went to study art from the United States from the 10th grade.

She has accumulate knowledge and abilities in various fields of art until it has won awards and she has tour around the world, including Italy, England, the United States and Japan. Publisher’s eye in France Contacted them to write illustrations about animals and nature in a children’s science book. And today I have brought my knowledge of Illustrator to make a carpet brand ” Duai rak ” as an idea for anyone looking for unique home decorations to know.

Initially, Lalal tried to work on carpets. By hand embroidery with a needle to come out as a carpet. After trying it, I started to enjoy it. So decided to buy a gun to try. Which can work ten times faster than hand embroidery We therefore enjoy working in this field very much. 

The second was when I started working on the carpet. Started talking to other artists and people in the arts because the carpet is similar with new trends that people are starting to pay attention to the fun of carpet making is We have design the carpet. Where we can go and how it will interact with different places and what it can be use for. I love to think about how we can make this room more fun. I like to compare that the carpet is like a picture that can be use in real life, not just for hanging on the wall of the room.

Finally, I would like to leave that “If you want to start making carpets, don’t be afraid. At first it might seem cumbersome because of a lot of equipment. But we can start with small tasks. and inexpensive equipment. Such as punch needle, but do not forget to study the equipment well before. And if you start to feel that you really like it Invest in guns I want everyone to give it a try.”