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What is "applied arts"? Design perspective

What is “applied arts”? Design perspective

Applied arts Words can not come out of this application is the ability to apply things. To the era and took over the real art is art itself out when the two come together. Applied art is the application of art to its practical use. This is completely different from Fine Arts (Fine

"Chameleon", The smallest reptile in the world

“Chameleon”, The smallest reptile in the world

Chameleon, scientists have discovered a new, tiny chameleon in the rainforest of northern Madagascar. Which is the same size as a sunflower seed And possibly the smallest reptile in the world The chameleon is officially named Brookesia nana or B. nana . This new species is very small. So it is thought



“Kru Sai”, an art therapist who created color in the dark. “Can blind people really draw and paint?” A lot of times a normal eye asks this question to the blind. By using the ability that he can do But if one day we try to close

Food decoration to look delicious from professional art

Food decoration to look delicious from professional art

Food decoration as everyone has known, the arrangement of each meal’s favorite dishes looks delicious. Moreover, it must have some techniques or have been studied at the food school itself, which can now be found in the luxury restaurants. Beautiful food pictures Beautiful to look delicious Normal roast

Epinephelus itajara, The Atlantic giant grouper

Epinephelus itajara, The Atlantic giant grouper

Epinephelus itajara off the southwest coast of Florida Thirty meters below the surface, a bang echoed across the water, followed by another bang, like the sound of fireworks coming from afar. The noise came from the shipwreck. The origin is deeper. Epinephelus itajara Go under the hull, That was more

"Arianna Caroli", world-class female painters.

“Arianna Caroli”, world-class female painters.

It ended beautifully and was pleasing to the eye. People addict to art and fashion. For the exhibition “Arianna Caroli: Artist in Residence”, organized by Central Shopping Center and L’OFFICIAL THAILAND Magazine. To celebrate 7 decades of the Central Department Store presents beautiful artworks. And the



Art opportunities with modern collectors The taste of popularity of millennials ( Millennials or Gen Y, who were born during the years 1981-1996 or the current age is between 24 – 39 years) has revolutionized everything from the business of car sharing to delivery. Food fashion sneakers. Until reaching

"Extinction of dinosaurs", the animals were lost

“Extinction of dinosaurs”, the animals were lost

225 million years ago on Earth we were empty. An eerie dark atmosphere covered all over. Every continent will be adjacent together, known as Pangea and found evidence of a meteor clash with the Earth. It happened about 20 million years ago, which caused a great catastrophe. More than

Impressive "Painting Owner Gustave Caillebotte"

Impressive “Painting Owner Gustave Caillebotte”

Gustave Caillebotte is a painter and art collector, one of the key members of the Impressionist artist group. There are excellent works of Parisian landscapes and landscapes, especially Paris Street; Rainy Day, the masterpiece that made him most famous. After his death, he had a testament to

5 "Technological paths" to transform the art world

5 Technological paths to transform the “art world”

Both art and technology have broaden the definition and shape of the world. We used to live in with changing dimensions. With inventions or experiments that limit the mind and body and transcend the boundaries of language. The world therefore created a new area with a cycle