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"Top 5 Most Famous Art Museums" In The World

“Top 5 Most Famous Art Museums” In The World

Art museums and galleries display and preserve the artist’s works of art in a wide variety of fields, including paintings, statues and carvings. The world-renowned art museum and gallery, apart from the building that exhibits its works, is unique with its beautiful architecture both outside and

7 "Incredible Facts Under The World's Oceans"

7 “Incredible Facts Under The World’s Oceans”

Three-quarters of our Earth’s surface is covered by oceans. But the oceans are still something we cannot fully understand, as only less than 5% of our humans survey the oceans. Oceans are home to countless living organisms more than those living on land. Many times Under this

"Pieter Bruegel", The Ancestor Of A Famous Painter

“Pieter Bruegel”, The Ancestor Of A Famous Painter

Pieter Bruegel was a prominent Northern European artist during the Renaissance. His works is landscape paintings and rural life are outstanding, especially in the Hunters in the Snow and The Peasant Wedding. As well as Landscape with the fall of Icarus. Which is a subtle landscape.

The 5 Most "Famous Paintings" In The World Of All Time

The 5 Most “Famous Paintings” In The World Of All Time

Great paintings will always leave you breathless. It will have a unique identity or a distinctive painting style. Those great paintings are testimony to the skills and talents of world-class artists. Pablo Picasso said that every child is born an artist. The problem lies in keeping the artist

How many types of "arts" are there?

How many types of “arts” are there?

Arts has been around for a long time since prehistoric times. People can live not only by being born to work, but also in need of pleasures as well, which art is a great contribution to human life at any age. This gives us human beings a