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Art opportunities with modern collectors The taste of popularity of millennials ( Millennials or Gen Y, who were born during the years 1981-1996 or the current age is between 24 – 39 years) has revolutionized everything from the business of car sharing to delivery. Food fashion sneakers. Until reaching

5 "Technological paths" to transform the art world

5 Technological paths to transform the “art world”

Both art and technology have broaden the definition and shape of the world. We used to live in with changing dimensions. With inventions or experiments that limit the mind and body and transcend the boundaries of language. The world therefore created a new area with a cycle

"Top 10 most expensive painting in the world"

“Top 10 most expensive painting in the world”

10 Femme aux Bras Croises by Pablo Picasso Approximate price $ 55,000,000  Femme aux Bras Croisés Picasso ‘s work of women embracing her arms , drawn in 1902, this painting uses a blue tone, a color scheme that expresses grief. Sadness and coldness Thus making this picture entitled “Blue Period”

"Top 5 Most Famous Art Museums" In The World

“Top 5 Most Famous Art Museums” In The World

Art museums and galleries display and preserve the artist’s works of art in a wide variety of fields, including paintings, statues and carvings. The world-renowned art museum and gallery, apart from the building that exhibits its works, is unique with its beautiful architecture both outside and

How many types of "arts" are there?

How many types of “arts” are there?

Arts has been around for a long time since prehistoric times. People can live not only by being born to work, but also in need of pleasures as well, which art is a great contribution to human life at any age. This gives us human beings a