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5 "strangest mysteries of the world"

5 “strangest mysteries of the world”

Do you know that? Strange and mysterious things that are interesting in this world, there are many. Both happened in the past to the present Causing us to miss things that are worth knowing Today, we have gathered together for you to know about 5 strangest stories of the world.

"Top 10 best trees in the world", beautiful trees

“Top 10 best trees in the world”, beautiful trees

In this world, there may be a trillions of strange and beautiful trees. But who stands out from him with their own characteristics that are different than others. Here are 10 selected trees that “It is the best in the world”, but in order to win the rankings for



There are things that we still don’t know on our vast world. For today, we present 10 remarkable facts that prove that Our world is full of interesting things. If you are ready, let’s go and read. AMAZING OUR WORLD 1. Most of the world’s oxygen is produced

"Chameleon", The smallest reptile in the world

“Chameleon”, The smallest reptile in the world

Chameleon, scientists have discovered a new, tiny chameleon in the rainforest of northern Madagascar. Which is the same size as a sunflower seed And possibly the smallest reptile in the world The chameleon is officially named Brookesia nana or B. nana . This new species is very small. So it is thought

Epinephelus itajara, The Atlantic giant grouper

Epinephelus itajara, The Atlantic giant grouper

Epinephelus itajara off the southwest coast of Florida Thirty meters below the surface, a bang echoed across the water, followed by another bang, like the sound of fireworks coming from afar. The noise came from the shipwreck. The origin is deeper. Epinephelus itajara Go under the hull, That was more

"Extinction of dinosaurs", the animals were lost

“Extinction of dinosaurs”, the animals were lost

225 million years ago on Earth we were empty. An eerie dark atmosphere covered all over. Every continent will be adjacent together, known as Pangea and found evidence of a meteor clash with the Earth. It happened about 20 million years ago, which caused a great catastrophe. More than

"Kem Kem beds" The Most Dangerous Place

“Kem Kem beds” The Most Dangerous Place

Kem Kem beds the most dangerous place. in recent research, paleontologists have identified an area in southeastern Morocco. On the edge of the Sahara desert, as the deadliest place in world history. Because the area was pack with large carnivorous dinosaurs. Both on land and in

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7 “Giant Sea Creature”, amazing

Giant Sea Creature, encountering incredibly large creatures will be an exciting and immersive experience for everyone. But it doesn’t happen easily for most people, as most of the world’s largest living organisms today live in the ocean. Some of these creatures are still elusive and mysterious because

7 "Incredible Facts Under The World's Oceans"

7 “Incredible Facts Under The World’s Oceans”

Three-quarters of our Earth’s surface is covered by oceans. But the oceans are still something we cannot fully understand, as only less than 5% of our humans survey the oceans. Oceans are home to countless living organisms more than those living on land. Many times Under this