There are things that we still don’t know on our vast world. For today, we present 10 remarkable facts that prove that Our world is full of interesting things. If you are ready, let’s go and read.


1. Most of the world’s oxygen is produced from the oceans, not forests

Even the forests are said to be the lungs of the world. But in reality, most of the world’s oxygen is produced by oceanic plankton.

2. Over-drinking coffee will make women smaller breasts

Research published in the British Journal of Cancer proves that drinking three or more cups of coffee a day can be a problem. As a result, the female breasts shrink. It is the result of a special hormone that works to connect the two.

3. Red doesn’t make the bison angry at all

Bison cannot distinguish red from other colors. Because they are color blind But the fact that it chases the cloth is because it reacts to the movement of the cloth, similar to when it swayed the grass with the grass.

4. More than 90% of US banknotes contain traces of cocaine

This fact suggests that most banknotes in the US Have been through drug dealers or cocaine users Scientists believe this is because notes are often used as a cocaine inhaler.

5. Changing the wallpaper on your computer or mobile phone can reduce your stress levels

Where nature’s images are the most effective

While the city streets And the geometric pattern will be the least effective.

6. Sheep fight each other after shearing because they can’t remember each other

Every flock has its own hierarchy. This will depend on the sex and age of the sheep.

7. Dogs aren’t color blind at all. It can see blue and yellow

The belief that dogs are color blind Has been erased from testing by Russian scientists. By getting the dog to remember the food bowls of different colors, it turns out that the dogs are able to distinguish the blue and yellow.

8. If the world is flat, the human eye can see candles lit 43 kilometers away in the dark

We cannot fully use the power of our eyes. Because even on the ground, we will be constrained by the shape of the world. But if the world is really flat And without any light, we can see a little light Which is more than 43 kilometers away

 9. mobile phone A ton contains more pure gold than a ton of gold

According to the research of ecologists Extraction of gold from a ton of gold ore will be About 0.07 ounces of pure gold, or about 2 grams.

But if you extract a ton of mobile phone gold Will get up to 10 ounces of gold, or about 283 grams ever. But don’t just hit your phone for gold Because the value of a mobile phone 1 ton is much more than 283 grams of gold

10. Hand and foot sizes cannot be used to measure the size of a male purse

Some researchers have been able to find a connection between finger length and male blood testosterone levels. But the effects of these hormones tend to affect the amount of hair on the body. And overall physical development Size.