5 “strangest mysteries of the world”

Do you know that? Strange and mysterious things that are interesting in this world, there are many. Both happened in the past to the present Causing us to miss things that are worth knowing Today, we have gathered together for you to know about 5 strangest stories of the world. Guarantee that it is a ufabet story that many people may have never heard of before.

1. Shanti Deva, strangest

In 1930, Santi Devi, a 4 year old woman from New Delhi, India. Told her parents that She was a mother and daughter who died from childbirth. With her husband Ketanarot Both she and her husband lived in Madra (or Mathura). At first, her parents thought they were crazy. Therefore took her to see the doctor And in front of the doctor, she tells her story in more detail. Whether it is the pregnancy of the first child. At the age of her unborn child death in 1925, Santi was examine by six doctors, but no Ta could find any answer to what happened to her. Santi’s relatives, however, began investigating. What she had said, looking for the man Sati claim to be her husband. 

Before discovering that there was a man who was actually in Madra And he actually has two children. But the man did not dare to meet with his reincarnated wife. So he sent his relatives away, and when the relatives arrived, Sati recognized him immediately and told the details. About this relative Causing many parties to believe that the Recollection of the Nation does exist But still the family of Santi And the family of Santi’s former husband was not related. Or there is an issue in any way Finally, Santi has lived as an ordinary girl in her new life until now.

2. Creepy Gnome, strangest

In 2008, a video camera captured a mysterious creature in Salta Province, Argentina, shot by Jose Alvarez. At that time he was talking to a friend on a recent fishing trip. It’s morning He start talking on the cell phone while everyone else Talk and joke Suddenly, he heard a strange sound. Like someone throwing stones He was looking for the source of the sound. Found that the grass is moving. At first they thought it was a dog. But when he saw the owner of the voice coming out, he found it really scary. It is expect that the living things that are captured are small Daemon That often appear in fairy tales Shape like a dwarf Loves to live in caves, keeping precious treasures. Later this videotape was clip and circulate on the web.

3. Freddy Jackson? S Ghost, strangest

This creepy ghost photograph taken in the 1919 century was first published in 1975 by retired military officer Sir Victor Goddark. The photo is take from a group photo take by a subordinate soldier aboard. The HMS Goddard during World War I. Which would not be known worldwide. If in the top row on the back of the fourth soldier from the left It appears the figure of a mysterious man who is smiling with white teeth is include. This ghost is expected to be Mr. Freddy Jackson, who died in 1919 suddenly from a propeller plane two days ago. It is said that the spirit of Jackson may not even realize he is dead. Therefore also appeared to take pictures with friends.

4. Felicia Felix-Mentor

Felixia Felix-Mentor She is a Haitian woman believe to have been turn into a zombie. In the early 20th century, official reports indicate that she die on 1907 after a sudden illness, believe to be a Haitian shaman’s curse that turn people into zombies. In 1936, she is find pregnant. The report said she was naked or dressed in ragged clothes. Because many websites do not match these matters), she travels to her father’s farm, insisting that she is Felixia. Felix-Mentor, who die in 1907. Due to ill health, was send to a public hospital. And the investigation found that she behaves strangely, that is, she is emotionless. And very often she talks about herself or a third person without any emotion. And quite familiar with her world and surroundings.

5. Chupas, mysterious objects

Chupas is a mysterious UFO-like object that many claim can be found at night in Brazil’s eastern jungles. They describe it as a small, flying metal-like object. It makes a hum like a refrigerator or a transformer. As most people in the area go out at night to hunt deer for food. So they often climb on trees waiting for their prey. And it often appears at this time. It emits a bright white light and they believe that this light may cause them to die. And some people get sick While most of the hunters tried to shoot the thing, it turned out that it had no effect at all.