“Extinction of dinosaurs”, the animals were lost

225 million years ago on Earth we were empty. An eerie dark atmosphere covered all over. Every continent will be adjacent together, known as Pangea and found evidence of a meteor clash with the Earth. It happened about 20 million years ago, which caused a great catastrophe. More than 90% of life on Earth was extinct, but after that a new world was born.

The evolution of many species

The evolution of many species. Until entering the triasis era Or the age of reptiles Meet animals of all shapes Some are herbivores, some are predators. But dinosaurs will soon take over the world 45 million years after their extinction. Which means The world will be occupied by dinosaurs once again. The evidence supporting this is the comet entered the Earth’s gravitational pull and decay, hurling two shattered debris into the ground, first falling in Canada. Another piece fell to France. Formed in a 5,000 km long line, the other two were dropped in Minnesota and Ukraine. Each of the fog from the rock Into a vapor distributed in the atmosphere Obscures the light from the sun.

After the triathlon has ended The Jurassic era began. The most dramatic change in this era That is, the dinosaurs were larger and more intelligent than ever before.

The president-faced rock carvings

The president-faced rock carvings on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota are another landmark. It was the last land that dinosaurs walked 65 million years ago, but a change has taken place. When the meteorite is larger than Mount Everest Has crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico It turned into a basin that was more than 300 kilometers wide. The sweltering extraterrestrial rocks directed towards the northwest. 

At a speed of almost 16 kilometers per second In a radius of hundreds of kilometers, everything turned to ashes in the blink of an eye. Plants and animals face different fates. Whether it is heat or from impact. But after just an hour, a cloud of dust and rubble. Has spread throughout North America There are various phenomena such as temperature drop, acid rain, and the sun is unable to splash light onto Earth for months. Since the nitrogen has been heated up out of the atmosphere.

Several months later Began

Several months later Began to bring light into the world. Revealing 90% of the total tree destruction and 70% of the animals were lost. At that time, most of the dinosaurs were extinct. Several theories have been described as Why did dinosaurs become extinct 65 million years ago? And the best evidence describes what happened a few years before the extinction of dinosaurs, going back 10 million years before the disappearance of the dinosaurs. 

There were dinosaurs 35 species lived in this area for the next 5 million years before its end. Only 25 or 20 species remain, and before the mass extinction, there were only six remaining in this area. Dinosaurs are one of life’s great success stories. From Alaska to Mexico They roam North America in great numbers over the course of 160 million years that were not smooth in its time. It is one of the coolest animals in the world.