How will global warming change the face of our planet?

All of the map images here are nothin global warming different from the current map. The only exception is All the ice on Earth has completely melted. This is a map of the continents that will simulate the effects of global warming. If sea level rises by 65 meters, new coasts and inland seas will be born. and the appearance of the continents It will be different from the picture that everyone is familiar with. This might be the worst scenario that could be cause by global warming.

There are 20 million cubic kilometers of ice worldwide. Scientists have estimated that If humans continue to produce carbon dioxide, it will take about 5,000 years for all the ice to be melted. By that time, an ice-free world would have an average temperature rise. That’s about 26.6 degrees Celsius compare to the current average temperature of 14.4 degrees Celsius.

North America

The original Atlantic coast will be lost. here. Including the Florida coast. And the Gulf of Mexico coast as well. in california The San Francisco Valley will become a group of islands, and the Central Valley will become a bay.

South America

The Amazon Basin will become a bay. part of Buenos Aires Argentina’s capital will be submerge. When the sea flooded into the land, creating new shores.


compare to other continents Africa is least affected by sea level rise. But rising global temperatures from global warming will make many parts of the continent uninhabitable. Egypt, Cairo and Alexandria will be flooded by the Mediterranean Sea.


London will become just a memory. Venice will sink in the Adriatic Sea. thousands of years from now The Netherlands will gradually sink into the sea. Denmark itself too from the expansion of the Mediterranean Sea So are the Black Seas and the Caspian Seas


600 million Chinese residents will be flooded. This includes Bangladesh, which has a population of 160 million. The east coast of India will be increasingly invade. In the Southeast Asia region Water from the Mekong River will overflow and turn Cambodia into an island.


Rising temperature from global warming causing the desert to expand Sea level will result in more continental seas. The continent’s east coast will be flood with seawater. This area is important because about four in five of the country’s population lives in the area.


East Antarctica: The East Antarctic ice sheet is huge. and containing 4 out of 5 of the world’s total ice But even how many can’t resist solubility However, the latest study It seems that the ice layer here has slightly increased in thickness. as a result of global warming that results in water vapor and condenses into more snow

West Antarctica: Like Greenland West Antarctica is very small without ice and much of the continent is below sea level. Global warming has caused the ice shelf to gradually collapse. Since 1992, about 65 million metric tons of ice melt into the sea every year.