Lucky animals from all over the world

On March 17th every year is St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish festival with a fairy, or pot of gold, symbolizing good luck. But not just this Because there are many symbols that promote the auspiciousness Including various animals. That are considerto be lucky animals in different cultures from all over the world With India, Egypt and the United States


In Cambodia, fish  are an auspicious animal in terms of health, well-being and fortune, with a species call kantrop that brings good luck. Barry Kovkin s, folklore Of the University of Western Kentucky.

Later this strain became the inspiration for creating products to treat anemia. By way back about 10 years ago, Christopher Charles, Canadian doctor. Conducted research on health problems in Cambodia He therefore noticed that the fish are very important. Plus, he also tried to eat lucky fish. Or what Cambodians call it kantrop as well

And eating fish at that time resulted in him the idea of ​​placing a fish rod in the pot. And let the boiling water release iron into food without affecting any taste at all. The product has a name call Lucky iron fish It is a small object that can be recycled. And can treat iron deficiency in the short term


Cricket  is a sign of fortune. Across Asia and Europe – Jeanne Evert, a specialist in folklore studies at the University of Florida.

Plus, they can also be kept as pets. As in Charles Dickens’ tales, ” The Cricket on the Hearth”

“Killing crickets brings bad luck. Because crickets never hurt anyone for sure, “- Evert said.

Scarabaeus sacer

Ancient egyptian period The most powerful amulet is a scarab. It is replicated from the Egyptian dung beetle Scarabaeus sacer.

“This insect is a sacred symbol for the Egyptians. Which is like a cross for Christians “

In different cultures The striking red-winged ladybug Is an animal that brings auspiciousness In the united states If a ladybug comes to you Show that good things It is coming soon. In addition, the ladybug is also linked to God in a variety of languages ​​as well, such as Sanskrit, the scarab’s name means “Shepherd of Indra “ because Indra is a Devaraj in Hinduism.


In Asia, especially China and Japan People tend to think that Red crowned crane As a fortune Which results in a long life for humans

Generally The crane is considered to be a very lucky animal. All countries from all over the world – Evart said, probably because of the majestic nature of the birds. Usually stay as a female partner for a long time Until one of the parties dies (Indicates stability)


Elephants are the lucky animals of China. And India, which reveres Ganesha in Hinduism.

Hinduism, Ganesh is the one who helps to overcome many obstacles. Especially at the beginning of endeavors. Or trying to get through things

Buddhism, the gray elephant is often a symbol of untrained, turbulent and dangerous thoughts. but after receiving the Dharma Our minds will become strong and reach peace. And that gray elephant later turned into a white elephan.