Octopus … Mysterious creatures of the sea

Octopus Mysterious creatures of the sea. Compared to the amazing squid Its life cycle is very short. Male squids live for a few months after reproduction. And the female octopus becomes a weak prey for the predators after the great duty of motherhood.

Human action also has a direct impact on the rapidly declining population of squid. Both catching more squids than necessary to meet the demand for consumption. in addition to trading. There are also catching squids to be studied or exhibited. As is the case with many aquariums where they are kept in a confine and unnatural environment.

It is the duty of scientists to learn and study the animal world. But human beings should consider and find ways to study animals in their natural and proper environment. To all kinds of animals Like all of us. All species are given the opportunity to thrive and live their normal lives.

Camouflage – One of the distinctive features of squids. Is able to adjust the skin itself to camouflage the environment.

Movement – ​​Each species of octopus have different swimming abilities It looks like a small submarine.

Defense – The octopus shows itself as being larger than the real one. to threaten with gestures Some varieties also use body paint.