The Best Dads of the Animal Kingdom

The Best Dads of the Animal Kingdom. Everyone knows parenting is not easy. Especially when you have to be a single father. And here are the super stubborn animals. To take care of the children Their little ones are safe

Giant Water Bug

Father, the garden bug is truly an animal that spends time with the child. “Female garden beetles lay their eggs on the male’s back,” says entomologist Blake Newton at the University of Kentucky. Then the female will leave, leaving the children. Its hatching on the father’s body.

And, like all fathers around the world, life changes with children. Many heirs are stuck on it with sticky rubber. Flying around is not a very good option. “The eggs of the children are scattered from the upper back to the wings,” says entomologist Kate Boersma at the University of San Diego.

Usually their life lives in fresh water. Therefore, the novice father needs to be close to the surface of the water to ensure that the children Will get enough oxygen “They will bounce around the surface of the water. To supply water and air to the eggs, ”Boersma explains. The incubation time depends on the species. In some species, fathers may live like that for months before their young hatch.


We all know that the male seahorse is pregnant instead of the female, with its offspring living in the belly for 24 days and open their eyes to see the world.

A 2015 study found that these seahorses Who live in the shallow water, there are some things that are not different from humans when they become mothers. That is, when pregnant, the male seahorse delivers nutrients. And oxygen to the children through the ventricle Which performs the same function as the placenta in the human womb

In addition, a team of researchers from the University of Sydney also found that The genes responsible for controlling pregnancy are evolutionarily similar. And can be found in other species as well Whether it is a mammal, reptile. Or even fish.

Three-spine Sticklebacks

Usually, most fish do not take care of their young. When they lay eggs, both the parent fish will leave. But this species of fish takes care of their children Its fullest, reports Brian Sidlauskas, a dedicated fish curator at the University of Oregon.

The male tri-fold fish, which live along coral reefs in North America, Europe and East Asia, build their nests to protect their eggs from predators. It also blows the water stream to transfer oxygen to the eggs.

“They also steal and protect the eggs from the males,” says Sidlauskas, and this is a common behavior found in all males of the species. A 2001 study found that within the male tricuspid fish nest, about 30% of the eggs stolen from the nests of other males animal.