“Top 10 best trees in the world”, beautiful trees

In this world, there may be a trillions of strange and beautiful trees. But who stands out from him with their own characteristics that are different than others. Here are 10 selected trees that “It is the best in the world”, but in order to win the rankings for more excitement. We sorted from the top 10 first.

10 Lone Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa)

lone cypress stands up to the beating of the cold winds from the Pacific Ocean. On Pebble Beach in Montare, Calif. USA Although the tree is not very large in size But it stands tall and prominently (As the name suggests ) is the center of attention in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

9 – Circus Trees (Platanus occidentalis)

Circus Trees are not tree names. Or plants But it is the nature of it that one bean farmer, Axel Erlandson, modify the Platanus occidentalis or Ficus sycomorus into various shapes. According to your imagination When he had modified and carved the tree into a wonderful shape and pattern as he wanted. So he named it “Circus”. For example, the original Circus he created has many forms. And it’s huge. Mr. Axel Erlandson, he’s very possessive of your skills. Never disclose or convey it to anyone. When you edit your tree, you open up a screen for anyone to see. Therefore, the method of you here is to keep the accessories in accordance with you. But our Thai products are now skill in bending wood like this as well. But there are no plants this size.

8 – Giant Sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum)

The Giant Sequoias, considered one of the world’s largest, are plant in Sierra Nevada, Calif. Where the largest Giant Sequoias, General Sherman, stands tall in Sequoia National Park with tall trunks. Up to 275 feet (83.8 meters) and weighing about 6,000 tons, this great grandfather General Sherman is estimate to be 2,200 years old ever.

In fact, there was a grandfather of General Grant at King’s Canyon National Park. Compared But he still praised General Sherman bigger by volume.

7 Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)

This Coast Redwood tree is the same species as General Sherman, but is a different species, making it the tallest tree family in the world. The Hyperion in Redwood National Park is over 379 feet (115 meters) tall, but the location is He did not want to promote it to people to see. Because he is afraid that people will trample and break its roots But the larger, smaller and more prominent More interesting is the Chandelier Tree, so large that we can drive through it. With a 9-foot-wide, 6-foot-wide opening through its base, the Chandelier Tree.

stands at just 315 feet tall – Chapel Oak of Allouville Bellefosse (Quercus robur)

Chêne-Chapelle (Chapel-Oak) of Allouville-Bellefosse It is the most famous tree in France. Because it is not just an ordinary tree But it is also an important religious site. In 1669 the pastor du Detroit and du Cerceau jointly built the church (if compared to the tree house, it would be called a tree church), this is the 500-year-old oak tree. Pierced into its trunk And built a small altar of the Virgin Mary, later built a small prayer hall with a bow later, but at present some branches of this oak have gradually died and were broken. 

Due to the drilling of the trunk Is the destruction of a part of the tree And there is a tendency to die steadily. The remaining large branches He was trying to conserve. Or making a support to maintain its shape But he couldn’t resist time In the future, there will be only churches. It is the only remaining religious symbol.

Rank 5 – Quaking Aspen: Pando (Populus tremuloides)

The Pando, or Trembling Giant in Utah, is the same tree. Have a common root system. Then sprouted more and more branches Until. It is estimate that It is made up of more than 47,000 stems spanning 107 acres. It has a massive underground root system. Each branch has an average lifespan of 130 years, but if counting from the first pando tree, it will grow and reproduce this large. It took 80,000 years

in total. 4th place – Montezuma Cypress: Tule Tree (Taxodium mucronatum).

The Tule tree, the largest of the Cypress family trees, is located near Oaxaca, Mexico. Its trunk size is around 190 feet (58 meters), which is so wide that people say that instead of embracing it … it embraces you instead. There have been observers who have argued that It should have been caused by 3 trees growing together and expanding until they swallow a single tree. Until trouble scientists Must come to check DNA and find that it is the same So the opposers went silent. In 1994, its branches began to wilt. In trouble, the tree doctor had to come and treat it. It turned out that it was just a lack of water. When providing water at It was bright green. Strong as usual

number 3 – Banyan Trees.

The Banyan tree is named after the words “banians” or intruders. Come from Hindus who like to do various activities. Under this tree In this regard, he included this family of trees together, both Bodhi and Banyu, as seen in the picture. It is not the same as many trees. The banyan has the root of the air Sai Yoi. The Bodhi tree has no aerial roots. And so on which is famous for Buddhism It is a descendant of the Bodhi Tree where the Buddha’s enlightenment is located. Sri Maha Bodhi (Sri Maha Bodhi) at Anurajpur of Sri Lanka. That has been traced back to the age of more than 2500 years of the great banyan tree It is likely to be one of the best of this tree as well, is our Sai Ngam in Phimai.

No. 2 – Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva)

stump of Prometheus that has been cut down

Bristlecone pine can be consider as a very old tree. The most long-lived in the world, the White Mountains, California, bristlecone pine, Methuselah, was discover 11,000 feet above sea level and is the oldest tree in the world, reaching 4,838 years. Measure its year circle Additionally, a tree called Prometheus almost broke this record. A hickory student named Donald R. Currey (put your name on it) drilled a Bristlecone Pine tree to find the year rings, but accidentally broke a damn tool stuck in the core. So he went to ask for permission from the forestry officer to cut down the tree. To bring out the tools.

The forestry officer was also a dungeon. Allow him to cut it again. When he cut down the Bristlecone Pine, it turned out that its circle counted 5,000 years, therefore, it is the tragedy of Prometheus that Merit Noi is known as the oldest tree in the world. Came back and lost his life accidentally Really pitiful, nowadays many important trees are hiding their location. To get away from Travelers or explorers (like Mr. Donald Currey) who will come to accidentally harm it.

1st place – Baobab (Adansonia)

The number one miracle tree The best is that the Baobab, or monkey bread tree, can grow to be 100 feet tall and 35 feet wide. Under this big fat trunk is It is a well-stocked water reservoir or tank that can hold 120,000 liters of water for use in arid climates. Baobab trees are native to Madagascar, Africa and Australia. It may have some different shapes. According to each locality And has a wide range of strange and varied uses as well

It is consider the top 10 of the world’s best trees. That they have already ranked, will either agree or disagree With that ranking, it’s fine. Don’t go serious. Look at it and decorate it as the knowledge around you is enough.