10 “reasons why you have to wait for the iPhone 13”

IPhone 13 Even closer to the launch date of a new iPhone The rumors will continue to come more and more each day. Whether it’s Face ID evolving, or cutting ports and moving into the full wireless era, or Apple may not use 13, a badly meaningful number. And avoid using the name iPhone 12S instead

The iPhone 13 is expected to have 4 models

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7-inch screen
  • Pro and 13 normal 6.1-inch screen
  • mini 5.4-inch display

Today we take a look at 10 reasons why we should be waiting for the iPhone 13, what new good things analysts have been predicting on this new iPhone.

1. Better screen

The screen on the iPhone 13 is predicted to feature ProMotion technology that can automatically adjust refresh rates at 60Hz and 120Hz, and will use a more battery-efficient LTPO display than OLED displays ufabet.

2. Better camera

The camera on the iPhone 13 is expected to come with the development of an Ultra Wide lens that makes it possible to capture the low-light area many times better, which will fill all the body of the 13 series.

  • Wide 64 megapixel camera, optical zoom 1 times and 6 times digital
  • 40 megapixel telephoto camera, 3-5x optical zoom and 15-20x digital zoom
  • Anamorphic Camera Lens 2.1: 1
  • Ultra Wide camera with .25x magnification and optical reverse zoom.
  • LiDAR 4.0

3. The polyps will be smaller

Apple is preparing to reduce the size of Notch by integrating Face ID with the front camera. Some sources have suggested that Apple may cut the Face ID feature and add an on-screen fingerprint sensor instead.

4. A better 5G receiver

5G is not widely used yet and is not yet fully covered.Qualcomm is preparing to release the Snapdragon X60, which will feature a smaller 5G modem that will improve signal reception, which may be used on iPhones. 13 just the same

The Wi-Fi receiver on iPhone 13 will be better, using Wi-Fi 6E that will connect more efficiently than standard Wi-Fi 6 in terms of data transmission and low latency and Can now use Wi-Fi on a 6GHz signal.

6.Touch ID

One of the ways Apple has cut off the protrusion is by adding a fingerprint sensor to the new iPhone 13, with sources suggesting that Apple may be using a fingerprint sensor on the Power button similar to that on the new iPad Air. It was on sale for a long time. But there is a possibility that the fingerprint sensor is on the screen and scans anywhere on the screen.

7. New more powerful chips

Of course, the new iPhones will come equipped with a new processor chip, the A15 Bionic, that will use TSMC’s innovative 5nm integrating processor, known as the N5P, delivering superior performance and manageability. Better power than normal 5nm chips.

8. All wireless use

Rumors from Jon Prosser have indicated that Apple will launch an iPhone 13 without all ports, be it Lightning or USB-C, and will use MagSafe to charge it instead.

9.Large use capacity

The iPhone 13 is expect to launch with a new storage capacity of 1TB, if true, this will be the first time in the history of the iPhone to have 1TB of storage capacity.

10. Continue to wait for more information

As of now, we don’t know exactly what Apple is planning with the new iPhone 13, so we recommend you stay tuned for new information ufabet. Because even closer to the launch date The information becomes more reliable and closer to the actual information.