How to camp for beginners, camping

This is a good time to set up a camping tent. Due to the relatively comfortable weather and beautiful nature in winter, however, there are many people who are still beginners. No tent camping experience who do not know how to start So today I bring you information and steps that we need to prepare for what you need to do in camping.

Step 1: Buy a Tent

There are many tents available in the market today. Therefore, it can be quite difficult for a newbie to buy a tent. buy a tent Then you should see before we go camping in any way. If you are traveling alone or hiking long distances. It allows you to choose a small and lightweight size that can be easily carried. But what if you go camping with your family for weeks? You may want to choose a tent with multiple doors and a larger size that can accommodate several people. Also, be sure to consider quality fabrics, whether it’s polyester, canvas or oxford ufabet.

Step 2: Choose a campsite

The campsite depends on your needs as to where you want to go. You may choose a tourist destination near your home or a famous province that many people like to not camp in tourist attractions such as Ratchaburi , Chiang Mai , Kanchanaburi or Khao Yai, where you can decide by yourself.

Step 3: Prepare before going camping

The right preparation isn’t just about buying a tent or choosing a campsite, it’s true that newbies need to try camping out in the house first. So that the time to reach the actual place will not cause a stuttering and waste of time. It also checks whether the tent we bought is strong and complete or not? Whether it’s a pole, rope or clamp

Step 4: Plant the Tent

Camping in each location is different. Some places may need to reserve a space to set up a tent first. so that you can get numbers or authorized points While some campsites or nature reserves may allow you to pitch a tent anywhere. Here we have to study thoroughly before setting up a tent. There is also one more thing that we should pay attention to is the level of space to sleep comfortably. including the angle of sunrise and sunset How would you like to see the sunset view?

Step 5: Cooking Camping

After installing the tent One thing I would recommend is that you have a folding table and a deck chair to set up next to the tent for cooking or dining. If anyone wants to cook, I would recommend you to prepare equipment such as a small pot and a camping gas stove. Because if you light the fire yourself, it may be difficult to find firewood.