How to “raise children” how to be close to parents

How to “raise children” how to be close to parents. All parents want to be close to their children because when we see other families that parents and children are close to, it feels cute and warm. Today we have a few ways to recommend to all parents in order to get closer to their children. 

  1. do activities together regularly, raise children

looking for something to do together It could be playing games, cooking, watching movies together as a family. Because doing various activities makes it possible to spend time together. Some families even have scheduled activities every week. By having family members share what they want to do and where they want to go each week, and then vote to see what they want. where to go In addition to spending time together with the children It’s also fun to help each other choose ufabet.

  1. show of love

All fathers and mothers love their children for sure. But the expression of love will make the children more Confident that he himself is loved by his family, saying that he loves each other every day is not uncommon. Don’t be ashamed to say you love your child. Or hugging is another very good show of love. Affirm your love for your children to see and recognize consistently. Then it becomes a bond between parents and children.

  1. Speak to each other within the family

It’s another way for families to have close relationships. No matter who has a story, let’s tell each other. What happened at work or at school? Back home, let’s sit and talk. Maybe we can see another perspective of your child. Don’t think that a child’s story is a child’s story. and adult matters are adults only.

  1. understand them

In some situations, the father and mother may not think the same as their children. because of different ages But being the same family That doesn’t mean they have to always have the same mindset or lifestyle. Remember that the child is not us. I want him to accept who he is. and understand that everyone is different Because they are still the same family anyway.

  1. be a good adviser

When they’re uncomfortable with what’s going on, children often need someone to listen. If they could tell your parents He will have a mentally stable feeling that he can trust this person, which when he tells him something should not be judged as good or bad. I just listened to him, understood, and slowly introduced them little by little.

  1. being a good role model

The behavior that parents show their children is very important. If parents use bad and unsound words, their children will notice and adopt those behaviors. And that might make them feel like they don’t want to get close to their parents. Therefore, parents should show good behavior for them to see and be a good role model for them.

  1. control your emotions

When your children make you angry or angry Parents need to be very conscious. show him kindness You must know how to control your emotions. If your children are wrong, you must use your mind to judge or sometimes punished